Playa del Carmen or Xaman-Ha

An old  fishermen´s village known as Xaman-Ha in the Maya language, Playa del Carmen, as it is called by its inhabitants and visitors, provides everything one could wish for in a Caribbean location: luxury hotels with all the amenities that international travelers require, as well as smaller personalized establishments, numerous bars, shopping centers, restaurants serving traditional and international cuisine, cultural and recreational centers, water sports and the main pedestrian walkway provides an abundance of dining and fun options, making it a favorite spot for meeting, after you´ve enjoyed the beach and jungle trips.

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Towards the end of the day, you can be seduced once again, this time by the exciting, cosmopolitan nightlife seasoned with a pinch of mystery and the array of rhythms found in the fun places to visit and enjoy. Places devoted to the pure pleasure of seeing all that is going on around you while keeping yourself shrouded from view, as you prefer.

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen 5 Av