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Our twice-monthly B&B Travel Newsletter is delivered to potential guests, recommending cities, things to do, what to eat and so much more.  Most importantly, we take great lengths to feature member properties, highlighting your current specials. Our featured destinations are in-depth, helpful and one of the most popular sections

to consider your area as a Featured Destination and inclusion in an issue of the B&B Travel Newsletter.  We’ll get your inn’s name in front of thousands of potential guests who have requested to hear about B&B getaways and specials (we throw in a few recipes for fun).  We’d like to know what makes your location special and a few things to do or see that you recommend.
Inbound Links to your Website
Co-Authored by Thomas Brown, SEO Expert and Psychologist

About This Series: SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” Google is the world’s best-known search engine, but there are others, including Yahoo and MSN. SEO is the art of designing the content of a web page for optimal find-ability by a search engine-designing it in a way that makes it easy for a user to find, using a search engine. For innkeepers, SEO means designing an inn’s site in a way that makes it easy for a potential guest to find it, using a search engine like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, or any other.

The following article outlines the 4th ongoing installment of 10 ways to design websites for maximum search engine optimization in the long term.

#4.  Highly Targeted, Relevant Inbound Links The number and quality of 3rd party websites that link to your website (in essence, recommend your website) might just be the defining factor that boosts your website into the public’s view. ยป   In the bed and breakfast industry, you need your site connected to large directories with high page ranking, travel blogs, travel news, travel weather, area accommodations, destination features and anything else travel, hospitality or accommodation oriented that will help you rise with the tide.
Ask Pamela
Pamela Lanier
Inn the News: Love Struck in the Library

Polly was the new girl in school in Farmington, MI in the fall of 1943.  Carl was the shy, quiet student who befriended Polly and was uncharacteristically outgoing and funny when Polly was in the room.

Love struck in the school library.  On June 18th, 1950 the high school sweethearts married, celebrating their union on a 1-week honeymoon canoeing along the Muskegon River when not a single house or person inhabited the riverbank.  Soon thereafter Carl, a recent graduate of Aeronautical Engineering, accepted a job with Boeing and moved his new wife to Seattle, WA.  Polly acquired her bachelor’s in Humanities and eventually her Masters in Library Science.  She established a Children’s Library in Kirkland, WA and soon thereafter became pregnant with their first child.  Polly attended the 1st childbirth education classes led by Dr. Virginia Larson at the YWCA in downtown Seattle which she says was a turning point in her life as natural childbirth was contrary to what she and her peers were taught. Eric, their 1st child, was brought home on their one year wedding anniversary.   Eventually, Polly combined her motherhood and library experience to help start a parent cooperative nursery school, one of the 1st of its kind.  11 years later daughter Julie was born.
At the age of 50, with a successful career under her belt and children grown, Polly decided she needed to do something different.  Her goal, to reach at least 100 years of age and she needed something to help her get there.  Polly ventured to England to visit fellow childhood girl scout Madge, backpacking throughout England and Scotland visiting libraries along the way.  It was on this trip that Poly discovered bed and breakfasts.  She thought they were wonderful, more personable and friendly than big hotels.  This was just what she needed, and on that trip, she decided that somehow she would open her own B&B in Washington.

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