Progreso. In the heart of the Yucatan Coast.

Progreso, Yuctan.   Escape the cold of winter and the heat of summer in the heart of the Yucatan coast, Progreso. For many years, this small fishing village has been growing into a world-class retreat for people form Mexico in July and August and Canadians, Americans and Europeans in the winter. While the temp in Merida and away from the coast is stifling in the summer, Progreso and the beaches are comfortable with cooling breezes of the Gulf of Mexico and an occasional cooling afternoon shower that creates spectacular sunsets. Visitors appreciate the relaxed and quiet atmosphere of this part of Yucatan.   The beachfront 10-block long walkway, known as the Malecon, boasts many fine seafood restaurants. The fishermen land on the beach in the mornings ans afternoons, and at night you can see their lights bobbing on the horizon. Fishing with a local is a favorite pastime for many visitors. Cruise ships arrive at the end of the 5 mile long pier, along with container ships and bulk products. There are private marina and repair facilities for sailboats and yachts in Yucaltepen harbor. Tour the mangroves, swim in a cenote, kayak, and canoe, enjoy!

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