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Packages to visit city of PUEBLA  Mexico –  Flying to Puebla Mexico historic city and famous mexican cuisine
We know that no true cooking and gastronomic experience would be complete without an appropriate contextualization, that is why we have build a schedule that comprises guided visits to many of the monuments that conferred Puebla and Oaxaca the title of World Heritage Sites, archaeological highlights,
country side communities, beautiful nearby towns and visits to the most famous traditional crafts factories and shops.
Santa Rosa Ex Convent Oaxacan Artisan Uriarte
We are not offering only “culinary lessons” we are offering the opportunity to learn and know Mexico´s history, past and present through its gastronomy
So join us in this fantastic program that we have put together for you and enjoy one of the most original and satisfying gastronomic adventures of your life that will keep you talking about it for years to come!
The city of Puebla is the capital of a state with the same name, surrounded by the highest volcanoes in México and is located 120 Km. (75 miles) from México City.
The city benefits from a temperate climate year-round, with mild winters and summers. For any visitor, Puebla is truly an enchanting place, given that it is one of the most culturally rich cities in México.
The Historic Downtown area of the city holds 2,169 stunning monuments and was declared a Cultural Heritage by UNESCO on December 11, 1987.
PueblaWith more than 2,600 buildings catalogued as valuable, a festival-packed calendar, rich gastronomic traditions and fine handicrafts all testify the centuries of culture that thrive this region
IMPORTANT CULTURAL SITES: Cholula, The Palafoxiana Library, Santa Clara St, Casa del Alfeñique, “El Parián”, Handcraft Market, Sta. Rosa Ex-Convent , The Forts, among others
Important historic events took place in Puebla, such as the famous Battle of May 5th, “Cincode Mayo” against the French Army and the beginning of the Mexican Revolution in 1910.
Puebla’s food culture, known as Cocina Poblana, is popular all over Mexico. Puebla is also considered the home of Mole Poblano, celebrated Chiles en Nogadaand such staples of everyday Mexican food such as the Chalupasand Cemitas, among many other distinctive recipes
Many of the traditional dishes have their origin in the combination of pre-Hispanic and Spanish elements, a delicious mix of flavors and smells
Package 1
Two full days & three nights or Three days & three nights flying from Mexico City Enjoy 6 unforgettable hours of cooking lessons with some of Puebla’s top Chefs, where you’ll learn to cook some of the most delectable and world famous Puebla´s traditional dishes. You will be amazed with the fabulous Center of Puebla, the archaeological Cholula, UriarteTalavera, Santa RosaEx Convent and the PalafoxianaLibrary.
Package 2
Flying to Puebla: Four days & five nights or
Flying to Mexico City: Five days & five nights

Enjoy 9 unforgettable hours of cooking lessons.
Additionally, you will experience Cuetzálan, attractions such as the beautiful Cascadade la Olla and the quaint little town of Zacapoaxtla. You will visit the very beautiful and well preserved archaeological zone of Yohualichan(Totonacfor House of the Night); and the community of Tosepan, where locals grow organic coffee and have developed a self sustained ecological compound that is frequently visited by Universities from the world over.

Day One:
We will pick you up at Puebla´s International airport; on a comfortable transportation with A/C an experienced driver will take you to the beautiful city of Puebla. At your arrival we will take you to the Hotel of your choice; you have 4 beautiful boutique Hotels where to choose from and where you will find first class accommodations and services, in their historical buildings with uniqarchitecture. They are also home to the two top restaurants in Puebla: “Ekos” and “M
After checking in, we’ll let you have some rest for our master cooking class the next day.
Day Two:
Good morning! We are certain you had a very well rested night in our comfortable Hotels. After having a nice breakfast, we will welcome you properly and in a very light meeting we will provide you with a detailed itinerary for all of our activities during your trip explaining each one of them. Finally we will take you on a tour through the historic center of Puebla and its surroundings. You will be able to see and learn about the majestic Cathedral, the San Francisco Church and the Forts that guarded Puebla on the “Cinco de Mayo Battle”. You’ll get to shop at the “Mercado El Parian” and take a good look to “Casa Del Alfeñique”, a house that seems to be made of white sugar candy. And speaking of candy, we’ll take you to the Santa Clara Street, famous for all the shops that sell traditional candies where you’ll be able to buy traditional r the enjoyment of friends and family back home.
After the visit to the Historic Center you’ll be more than readfor your first cooking class at “Meson de Sacristía” where you nonly will have a lot of fun but also you’ll learn to cook a three course meal of themost traditional dishes, along with the pre-Hispanic techniques that make Mexican food unique. Your teacher will be the great chef Alonso Hernández, who will always keep a friendly and warm environment. You’ll be amazed of thdishes that you’ll be preparing, from a very traditional Mole Poblano, the rich cinnamon and chocolate sauce made of different types of hot peppers and a
fruit in fashion these days: pomegranate arils; this dish was developed aroundthe 17th century and it is one of the most renowned dish of Puebla’s After the transformation you made from raw materials to delicious dishes, lunch is a must to enjoy your creations. The visit to Cholula is next, don’t forget to bring your camera to take a picture of the Popocatepetl volcano, “Don Goyo” named tway for the poblanos while we are up there.
Finally, we’ll take you framework to prepare yourself for another day of cooking.
Day Three:
Buenos Dias! After having a hearty breakfast at our hotel, let’s head to the Palafoxiana Library, which happens to be one of the crown jewels of Puebla,  We are open right in front of  your eyes, in a library that has been recovering and restoring invaluable books since it first opened in 1646. One of the traditional handcrafts from Puebla is the famous “Talavera”; The Talavera is a type of ceramic that originated in Talavera, Spainduring the Moorish occupation that can only be made under license in Puebla and Tlaxcala. Many people consider Puebla, the home of Mexican Talavera because it was the place to set the first regulations and standards for determining uniformity and excellence for the traditional Mexican Talavera. The locations where the regulations are met are called “fábricas” and as Uriarte Talavera, which was founded by Sr. Don Dimas Uriarte in 1824. This factory has been in the hands of the sfamily for four generations: And who could be ship it right to your home. After the riches of a cultural and a traditional handcraft visits ware ready to begin to cook again. We will take a walk through atraditional Mexican market so you get to buy your fresh and flavorful ingredients for that class. Your Teacher the chef Alowill introduce you to the ingredients and will help you to get familiarized with the way to recognize and pick the best products. You’ll be able to taste all of different course meal, a mix between traditional and regional dishes which you’ll be xious to show to your friends back home. After you enjoyed the transformation from those ingredients into your lunch, we will take you to the Ex-Convent of Santa Rosa. Where you will see how the nuns lived in cloisters at the XVIII century, praying for all of us the rest of their lives. Here at the ex-Convent you will be able to see the museum that shows the characteristics of the 7different regions of Puebla Talavera. It is amazing.
nice and relaxing massage at the hotel and spa “El Sueño”. For dinner, you will choose to experience some of the best restaurants in Puebla as the “Casa de los Muñecos”,
Day Four:
After a hearty breakfast we will start our cooking class with a walk through the market to choose ingredients for the day. You will be introduced to the ingredients and familiarized with it
Visit Alfonso Hernandez at “Mesones de Sacristia” for a new enjoyment. set of true traditional dishes from Puebla and of course you After having your creations for lunch, get ready and paclittle bag because we are going to Cuetzalan, a town where Totonaca and Nahuatl culture is still pretty much alive. Cuetzalan means “Place of Beautiful Feathers” because it is said it was a place populated by that a lot of Quetzales (Birds of colorful and large brilliant tail feather). One of the “Magic Towns of Mexico” of unique culture and traditions, a townin touch with nature, archeological sites
Day Five:
Buenos dias! You will wake up incombination that brings mystery an impressive and beautiful scene! Weather and fog making a unique pon the town, get ready to a nice breakfast and for real fresh coffee.We will visit an archeological site named Yohualichan (The House othe Night), you will be transported through time when you visit thebiggest ball court where pre-Hispanic people played the traditional Ball Game to please their gods. It is so amazing to feel the energy
Day Six:
On our last day, bitter sweet goodbye, transportation to Puebla´s International airport

This trip includes:
Accommodation in a de Luxe suite 4d 3n e.
All services the Hotel provid
All Breakfasts and dinners desg lessons
9 hours of cookin
Transportation Apt-Htl-Apt
Travel Insurance
Visits described (entrance & tour guide in E
All Taxes included.
Tips at the airport, restaurants and hotels. our conductor/Personal assistance.
Luxury transportation
Package starting at $1,200 USD

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