Puerto Cancun

World Class Nautical Development in Cancun   Aimed at improving the nautical services offered in the destinations and satisfying the wishes of the most demanding visitors, who can afford it, extremely luxurious services have been created for tourist of the highest income level. As an example we cite the nautical project, Puerto Cancun, one of the largest in its type in Latin America. Conceived with a great entrepreneurial vision, the development contains a wealth of attractions: residential areas, golf course, shopping center, hotels, restaurants, theaters and night clubs. It expects to be the emblematic development of the Mayan Gold Coast and contain the fist world-class marina. In Puerto Cancun the marina will be able to dock more than three hundred 200-ft vessels, which will allow to receive the largest of ocean-going yachts. That will mean that it will be the best, most attractive and most influential nautical service of this tourist corner.   For those visitors who do not own their own yacht but who wish to enjoy the experience and share it with family and friends, Cancun and the Riviera Maya today has several companies that rent luxurious yachts, making in quite competitive with other destinations. There is also a company that specializes in luxurious services, that offers a fleet of yachts of up to 100 feet long, catamarans, helicopters, light planes and even bullet-proof automobiles, complete with chauffer. There also are companies that specialize in deep sea fishing for another aspect of fun. With these new services, the investors have demonstrated their confidence in the future of Cancun by ensuring that its offerings continue to improve. It marks the start of a new phase of growth and development for Cancun, and indeed, for Mexico.

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