Puerto Morelos, a few miles from Cancun.

Puerto Morelos   Puerto Morelos is just 36 km down the coast, being Cancun’s closest neighbor, yet proximity is about the only things the two have in common. It’s hard to believe the same coast spawned them both, but the of course it didn’t. Cancun is a matter planed resort built from scratch and blueprints, while Puerto Morelos is a true native son. And while the resort can only get bigger, Puerto Morelos – with the help of its quirky, upbeat and pan-national population is evolving. Puerto Morelos has been fixture of the coast for over 100 years old, but the generations of projects and lots of activity are symptoms of youth, the Puerto Morelos is getting younger as we speak.   A majority of the full time beach residents run the town’s many businesses. Residents include scores of clever men and women engaged in variety of activities. There’s painters and artisans, marine biologists, dive masters, mariners and lots of families. Residents are also extremely interested in the environment and there’s virtually no crime. In fact, Puerto Morelos is decidedly easy going and almost bohemian in the best sense of the word. Puerto Morelos has several hotels, guest houses and some nice hotels. There are plenty of little restaurants and the water-sport operations take folks snorkeling, diving, kayaking, deep-sea fishing and sailing.

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