Relax in Cancun

Beauty, tranquility and health   Other one of the great advantages of this region is that local natural resources are used: plants, fruits and alternative medicine, as well as herbal lore inherited from the Mayan civilization. Cancun has therapist from all over the world, professionals whose qualifications are constantly renewed as they travel to every corner of the world to learn from authentic shamans about treatments that provide both physical and spiritual balance. The experts confirm that these sanctuaries have great potential for growth, since the idea of looking better and feeling younger and healthier is a desire that is shared by everyone worldwide. These centers for health, beauty and harmony offer the key to attaining this balance. Some of Cancun’s spas are listed amongst the best in the world, including the best in the US, Europe and Asia.   I was impressed by the variety of techniques combined with the most recent scientific advances, and most of all, the vast catalogue of treatments available for all tastes, needs and budgets. I tried out several treatments and beauty techniques for the body, face and relaxation: massages on the beach, thalassotherapy, sauna, steam bath, hydromassage, and of course one can not forget the Mayan temazcal under the moonlight facing the ocean. A delicious foot wash was recommended – it simulates the nerve endings – followed by a steam bath to prepare the body for therapy. Afterwards, I received a jade and roses sculpture massage, which consisted on a full body exfoliation, following a thermal wrap that drains toxins and fat from the body. Jade quarts to open the energy channels were places at strategic points on my body, and finally I received a massage with am mixture of rose petals while listening to new age music and looking out at the blue sea throughout a large window; an experience for all the senses.