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Retire to the Tropics
Establishing a new, permanent comfort zone can be sometime a hasstle, but it’s easy in Belize. Gentle breezes, swaying palm trees and a relaxing lifestyle are only a part of what makes the country alluring to retirees. Belize is growing in popularity with those who want modern amenities, good transportation, safe environment and little extras like water sports and outdoor adventures. It’s a world full of splendor less than two hours plain from Miami. With English as the official language and a strong Belize dollar, it’s the perfect destination to enjoy your golden years. Discerning pensioners soon discover how much Belize has to offer, like a temper year-round climate, an abundance of natural resources, magnificent natural attractions, numerous recreational activities and friendly people. Health care is relatively inexpensive, and many doctors and US-trained. Another advantage is the county’s proximity to Mexico and Guatemala, which provide more opportunity for travel.
Retirees enjoy easy access to land for construction for a retirement home. Picture yourself laying languidly in a hammock under the shade of a coconut palm. Sun soaked shores and the soothing turquoise sea are your new backyard. If a more rustic setting strikes your fancy, you can always build you own magical retreat in a secluded wooden forest or jungle habitat. And this time around, it’s Mother Nature who welcomes you to the neighborhood. Belize City offers an additional option for those pensioners who still want a little of that “big city” ambience without all of the pressures. Retiring to Belize is relatively easy to prepare. Anyone 45 years or older can apply for the Qualifies Retirement program set up by the Belizean Government. Qualified retirees are eligible for benefits including specific tax exceptions and incentives. They don’t have to pay tax on retirement income in Belize, and are entitled to import a motor vehicle, boat, aircraft, personal effects and household items within one-year limit; some restrictions may apply. Belize is peaceful nation that boast a stable government and a good educational system for those retirees who bring children under 18 years old.
Think of retiring to Belize as one continuous vacation; the best you’ve ever had. Take advantage of what the country has to offer. You can do as little or as much as you want. Retirement may come late in life, but in Belize, it’s only the beginning of really living.

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