Riviera Maya and water therapies

Water Therapies in the Riviera Maya   Water in combination with other elements, has been used since ancient times in multiple therapeutic treatments that in these days are administered in spas, health centers and ayurvedic and holistic centers all around the world, because they have relaxing, calming purifying, cleaning and rejuvenating properties that make mental, physical and spiritual treatments better.   Water heals, and combined with salts and other elements and used in internal and external treatments it is recommended in the therapies to deal with joints’, and muscles’ injuries, and people with dermatological problems and cancer patients. Animals that live in harmony with the element are also used to help kids with different abilities or people with psychological problems. Water is a powerful element that has been of huge importance for the alternative healing techniques in the ancient Ayurveda documents, they talk about water as a nectar, a nectar that eliminates fatigue, encourages and benefits digestion and among all, cleans and renews the body from inside to outside.   There are some therapeutic techniques from which water is a part of: massage under a shower or in a bathtub, treatments with warm water rich in mineral salts, baths or infusions with herbs, plants, leaves and wild flowers, warm sea water baths and hydro massage in bathtubs full of sea water. As we can see, all of us that live close to the sea, can enjoy the benefits that this huge pool in the Mexican Caribbean offers to us, but if what we want is a specialized therapy or massage that helps us be in harmony with our body, mind and spirit, don’t hesitate to visit one of the specialized centers in the Riviera Maya.

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