The Riviera Maya, a paradise for shopping

Shopping at the Riviera Maya   Paradise can be found at the Riviera Maya no thanks to our beautiful beaches, variety of water sports, spectacular cuisine, and the most unique pedestrian in walkway in Mexico, but also because this is shopping heaven. The Riviera Maya is located in the state of Quintana Roo, This is one of only two states in Mexico that have been declared a special low tax zone borderline heaven. This is good news for us shoppers since the most exclusive fashion brands and jewelers invest a great deal in cities around the world that offer this particular benefit. Thanks to the fact that the Riviera Maya is a low tax zone, shop owners pay much low tax fees. This translates into lower price high quality items and objects of desire.   The ambiance at the Riviera Maya can easily be described as artistic and bohemian, in part due to the many incredible designers and retired artists that have made this town their home. Lucky for us, they have opened quaint boutiques all over 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen, where they offer high quality and unique designs. The Riviera Maya is an international gateway where a wide and eclectic variety of nationalities visit and live. This cultural diversity has evolved into an opening of a global market right here in our street with numerous well known brads from all over the world.