Riviera Maya, trouble in paradise.

Hurricanes in the Riviera Maya   The Yucatan Peninsula and specially the Riviera Maya, have been called in the last few years as one of the most paradisiacal touristic destinations in the world. A weekend to rest, business or convention, honey moons, expeditions or a very well planned trip can be reasons to enjoy this natural paradise. It may be the color of the sea, the white sand or the magic that can be felt on the streets when you listen to varied languages, different accents, or when you see skin colors that urn red with the sun, it’s a multicultural environment that reminds you hoe changing and surprising Mexico can be. But unfortunately as everything in this world, it is not a perfect paradise, year by year it is threatened by the giants and advance shaking it; strong winds and non stopping rains that leave on its way chaos and destruction.   The word “hurricane” comes from the Mayan term “hurakan” that means one legged, according to the Mayans, when the gods got mad with the first human being, Hurakan unleashed the flood that destroyed them. And it seems that even now, the creator god turns furious during some months every year and scatters it breath over the Riviera Maya. Even though it is possible to get information out of the oceanic and meteorological instrument that tell us about the probable route that the hurricane may take, this information doesn’t guarantee the specific route of the storm, that is why it is important to be prepared and not to take any risk, because the god Hurakan can at any time blow its fury on another direction.