The Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya   The ancient Mayans said that hurricanes and storms clean up negative energy, they renovate, and that is how it feels in this breathtaking coastline. It is fabulous as always and it was the biggest winner after Wilma, as it was a region far less affected by its fury although it did leave footprints. Emily has left a limping but after this more recent strike of nature it is soaking our tourists who are enjoying larger beaches.   The Riviera Maya is unique in its abundance of possibilities. Some areas of the coastline have a vagabond traveller ambiance but it also boasts a variety from rustic cabanas to luxury spas, something to offer all sots of budgets and styles. Culture, colours and adventure can be found at every turn in this paradise that emerged from the jungle, always a warrior, a survivor. The talcum powder beaches are better that ever in some areas and the locals are willing to restore their beloved paradise to what they and visitors are used to, the best.

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