The Royal Hideaway, Playacar

A royal experience and more at the Royal Hideaway.   There is no way to more fully enjoy and benefit from a vacation that to ensure that you relive your body of the effects of the stress in your life, banish those negative thoughts from your mind and just let your soul soar away. At the Royal Hideaway in the Riviera Maya, the way to do all of that is to book the Royal Experience Massage at the Spa. You will be pampered with a combination of techniques and come to understand that the word really is made up of four basic elements, the ones we have always heard of, air, water, fire and earth but that there is fifth and that is what you yourself bring to it. While youe face is being relaxed by precious stones, you feet are being massaged bye thermal clay and mixture of marine algae.   There are a couple of other truly great massages available at the Royal Hideaway Spa, its famous Diamond massage and the exotic Lomi lomi massage. The first is one perfectly suitable to celebrate that special occasion in your life. It has been created by the Royal Hideaway Spa team specially to prepare you for that celebration. It is the utmost of luxurious indulgence. The Lomi lomi is more than a massage. It steams from the Hawaiian tradition in generations in which there is a rhythmic movement of the arms and upper body. This massage is followed by a fresh exfoliation and, also as a part of the tradition, a delicious tropical tea. Three great massages designed to restore mind, body and soul, right at you fingertips.

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