Ruta de los Cenotes

Ecotourism is becoming increasingly attractive in the world, the focus is on sustainability, preservation and appreciation of the environment perceived by visitors. In Puerto Morelos, there are many beautiful and amazing places that nobody could have ever imagine, where you can make ecotourism.

Aktun Chen Tulum Park Cenotes

An example is The Route of the Cenotes, located one kilometer from the town, heading to Tulum, or the path of the Hacienda Santa María(now Leona Vicario) to Punta Cork where many camps were established. Central Vallarta is a settlement now populated but in the early twentieth century was a chicle camp. Now, this road is paved and gives access to several cenotes, which are fed by underground rivers, most of them can be visited and swimming in waters surrounded by a great forest.

Aktun Chen Tulum Park Cenotes Aktun Chen Tulum Park Cenotes tulum-riviera-maya

There are also two recreation parks, where you can enjoy zips, bicycles, and access to the cenotes. The cenote Lucero Verde Kin-Ha is one of the most famous known for its natural beauty. Cenotes were sacred places for the contemporary Maya as they were for their ancestors.