Selvática Adventure Park

Canopy park

Soar through the air on an exciting zipline in Puerto Morelos, a 12-circuit line coasting between trees in the heights of the jungle canopy. Afterward, climb aboard a military truck to journey through the trees to discover a cenote, where you go for a refreshing swim before lunch.

Puerto morelos atv zipline

How to Arrive at Selvatica canopy park:  Drive to Puerto Morelos, and then to the zip line circuit. Learn basic safety information from friendly guides, before you get outfitted with your climbing gear, including harness. Expert staff makes sure everything fits properly.

Puerto morelos atv zipline

Once you’re ready, enjoy a 12-circuit zipline course through the jungle canopy. Fly high in the air at impressive speeds, and enjoying the unprecedented jungle sightseeing between lines. Climb into a military truck and head deep into the jungle. Arrive at Lukuma, a private cenote, where you’re free to take a swim in the refreshing waters. Utilize a custom water zipline to make a splash right in the middle of the pool. After swimming, ride back to the palapa to enjoy lunch.

Puerto morelos atv zipline

Extreme Canopy Adventure Take it to the next level and let’s pump it up to EXTREME!. When fast is not fast enough and high is still not high enough and long is just not long enough… then get ready to experience “EXTREMO” where you will have the “ride of your life” on the fastest, highest and longest zip lines. After your white knuckle adventure and your adrenalin has returned to normal it’s time to jump aboard the army truck and go deep into the jungle and visit the emerald green waters of your very own cenote. Relax, swim and zip line some more in the refreshing waters of the jungle. We finish your adventure with a snack and soda (or bottled water) back at the Visitor Welcome Center.

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