Skimboarding in Playa del Carmen

Skimboardingin the Riviera Maya   Yet when Playa del Carmen’s waves are not big enough for surfing, young people have found a way to enjoy the ocean, and take advantage of the fine sand of the Riviera Maya practicing a different sport, skimboarding. The sport consist in throwing the board on the sand when there’s still a thin layer of water, run, and jump on it, keep your balance and continue, if possible until you get to the waves that break close to the shore, and try to perform a trick, similar to the ones that can be done either with skates or skateboards. It sound really easy, but it requires practice and balance to accomplish it.   Boards are usually shaped as teardrops or ovals and some nose lift at the very end, though some people prefer circular boards. Skimboards are made of several thin layers of wood, plastic and other materials, they are rigid and relatively dense, and it’s rare to see a board of more than 2.5 cm thick. When the surface is not a little rough, it will be needed to put some board wax, in order to have more traction and make it easier to stay on it.   According to experts, it’s difficult to define the best technique, the best wave, or the best board to practice this sport, all depends in which is the best for you and the beach where you will use it. Most of the people agree that the best place to practice it is where waves break close to the shore, because it’s easier to get them and perform a trick or take a longer ride. Mexico is the best place to slide; Playa del Carmen is the perfect destination to practice this sport.

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