Soliman Bay in the Riviera Maya

Soak up Soliman Bay   Aslice of solitude served up fresh with incredible snorkeling and true peace and quiet is on the menu this November at las Bahias de Punta Soliman. These two bays, separated by a rocky point, offer guests the chance to completely escape from the wilds of the world and find the real meaning of relaxation. There are a multitude of options – from daytrips to weekend getaways – for those wishing to savor a piece of paradise, here are some ways to soak up Soliman Bay. Beginning with the most desirable of escapes from reality – and over night or two – it is nestled in the palms along the southern bay that one finds a wide-ranging variety of accommodations. From rustic palapas of stilts lit only by candlelight to romantic beach bungalows offering everything needed, those seeking a serene commune with nature need look no further. However, for those who cannot imagine a Caribbean night without the steady hum of air-conditioner, there are some luxury villas that afford guests nothing less than five-star amenities. So, there is truly something for everyone. We chose to overnight in the most rustic of options, a palapa with no electricity perched at the treetops with nothing obstructing our view of the sunrise over the turquoise bay. The Last Resort and Palapas Caribe are recommendation for the “simplicity route”. Set gently in the loving hands of Mother Nature, the lack of power ensured that no lights could interfere with our hours of stargazing and no machine noises could drown out the lullaby of gently lapping waves. Silence – nature’s true medicine – is guaranteed way to decompress.   We filled our days with kayaking and snorkeling all over the enormous bay. Huge conch, tons of rays, turtles, and colorful Caribbean fish, as well as a handful of moray eels and octopus were some of the aquatic treasures we were lucky enough to see. And, with such a long stretch of coastline, we found ample exercise with kayaking and walking the length of the bay looking for beach treasures. After satisfying our desires for activity, we curled up on our beach chairs under the palms with our books and alternated between snoozing, sunbathing and reading in the gentle sea breezes. For those not staying at Soliman Bay, or unable to squeeze in one last get-away before the star of the high-season, these same delightful daytime activities are all available in the northern bay of Soliman at Restaurant Oscar and Lalo. Dine on the freshest seafood, kayak and snorkel in a private and pristine bay, and lounge in the beach or in the hammocks all the while sipping on ice-cold beers or margaritas. Escape to Soliman Bay in the Riviera Maya; you are worth it.