Spend your day at Ticul, Yucatan

Ticul, Yucatan.   Referred as the Pearl of the South, this town is located 60 miles south of Merida, in the Puuc region. It is on both the Convent and Puuc Route circuits. Ticul is the perfect place to stay when you do either one of these routes. You will find things a lot more laid down her than in Merida. Ticul is a producer of all the red clay planter pots and reproduction of the Mayan gods that you see in this area. It is also known for the fine leather shoes that are designed and made her in town.   Most of the businesses are home based cottage industry workshops where you will find the entire family working. Stop and they will gladly aloow you to wander around. If yopu decide to buy something you can’t carry, they know the packaging and mailing procedures to get your goods home to you. You will find a mixture of culture in Ticul. You will se the old San Antonio de Padua Cathedral, colonial buildings, thatched roof of Mayan homes and much more things that are part of the history of the State of Yucatan. Don’t forget to try the famous Yucatan’s cuisine of Poc Chuc, Pollo Ticuleno or Lomitos de Valladolid.

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