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Supremo cigar is a mark that grows in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Cigars stores to shop / buy online. Our clients are cigars aficionado. Taste one and become in a 100% satisfied customer of supremos Cigars, natural or flavor cigars, Panatelas, Torpedos, Churchill, Corona, Margarita or Robusto. 100% handmade finest tobacco.

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Supremo cigars, buy supremo Mexican Cuban cigars puros on our hotel’s tobacco stores

Cancun and Riviera Maya Cigars available at Hilton tobacco shop, Omni cigars desk, Fiesta Americana lobby, Riu Cancun, Riu Playacar, Riu Riviera Maya, Sheraton, Melia, Mandarin, Four Season Capri, Mayakoba Fairmont, Mayakoba Andaz hotel, Bayantree,  Viceroy, Grand Las Velas, Palace Resorts, Barcelo, Dreams Tulum and Tobacco Shop Store with the finest tobacco Collectibles Supremo Tobacciana. Cigar rollers at Punta Venado beach club, Xcaret Hotel, Gitano Loves TulumZiggy Restaurant Tulum,

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If you visit us on the last travel to Cancun and Riviera Maya or Playa del Carmen you tasted us at your hotel in this area or in Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Puerto Peñasco, Mazatlan, Ixtapa, San Lucas.

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Cohiba the name of the cigars.

Where does the word Cohiba come from?

The recognition of the quality of the tobacco that smoked and gave away Fidel Castro was spreading like wildfire all over the world. The need to name them in some way was taken unplayable.

Already the Chief of escorts of Fidel had long been thinking of a name for this masterpiece. His tobacco origin and his skills as a former merchant inclined him to seek a nomination appropriate to his figure and to the qualities, including government gifts, of national representation. Many were the possible appellants that paraded through his mind but, in the end, he had decided on one that, in his opinion, linked the external characteristics of tobacco to one of the patriotic symbols.

That detail also did not escape the thought of Celia Sánchez Manduley, the outstanding guerrilla fighter of the Sierra Maestra who became the main auxiliary of Fidel Castro, both in matters of government and in those who demanded careful attention or special sensitivity, for only Cite some of its qualities.

The hand of Celia, whom today everyone recognizes in (Climb as The most beautiful flower of the Revolution, was present in many of the works created by this feat always providing them with an air of Cuban authenticity and good taste and, of course. He left his mark on that beautiful project.

As always, Celia was given the task of telling our native roots to locate a name linked to the history of the first settlers of the island, those who went out to meet Christopher Columbus and his expeditionaries, whom they entertained by giving away those strange hands. leaves, so present in all their acts and ceremonies.

In that search, he located an unparalleled one, which responded to the very origin of tobacco. It is not difficult to imagine the intimate joy that he surely experienced in pronouncing his six letters, whose sound immediately traces us back to the paradisiacal universe of Cuban aborigines.

Still, Chicho reveals his emotion by remembering that, in a fortuitous encounter he had with Celia in one of the corridors of his offices on 11th Street, at the end of 1966, she asked him his opinion about the most appropriate term to name the Tobaccos

-I would put Palmas on him, because his silhouette reminds me of that of a real palm, suggested the Chief of the Cuban governor’s escort.
With a smile on his lips and total conviction, Celia replied:
-Do not. We will call it COHIBA. He then explained the origin of the word.

A similar dialogue occurred one day of that same year between Celia and Eduardo, all of which confirm that 1966 indicates the emergence as a brand of the first name of tobacco.

All the founders of this beautiful effort remember that one of the last days of that year, already in the second house used as a school, Eduardo gathered them and informed them of Celia’s idea of naming the fruit of their daily work as COHIBA. Just like Chicho and Eduardo did before, everyone wondered why that qualifier.

Much has been written about the origin of the COHIBA voice. However, any text that in one way or another addresses the history of this brand must necessarily dedicate some pages to the origin of this magic word, always immersed in dissimilar and beautiful descriptions, rites and legends.

The most successful criteria currently indicate that tobacco or COHIBA was discovered by Rodrigo de Xerez and Luis de Torres. Both sailors, from the crew of Admiral Christopher Columbus during their first expedition, returned with this word on their lips after conducting exploration in the north of the former province of Oriente, by order of the Admiral, who still believed he had reached the kingdom of the great Khan. x

The name of tobacco or COHIBA is identified by many with that of the plant, which a large number of chroniclers called interchangeably: “COHIBA”, “cojiba”, “cohoba”, “cojoba” or “coiba”. While, according to chronicles of the time, Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas wrote, referring to the pipe with which the Indians absorbed the dust, “‘to these sticks with which they took this one they called tobacco for the grass or dream that charged them.”

On the other hand, Fray Bartolomé himself describes that: “Many people found that they crossed their villages, women, and men, always men with a blight in their hands), which are dried herbs stuck in a certain dry leaf as well. by way of a musket lit by one part of it, on the other, they suck or sip or receive with that breath in. Those muskets or as we shall call them, they called tobacco.

The criteria on the origin of this voice are varied, the truth is that the confusion of the chroniclers could have been given, for not having understood the prevailing panorama before their eyes. This is confirmed by Don Salvador de Madariaga, in his book Life of the Very Magnificent Lord.

The criteria on the origin of this voice are varied, the truth is that the confusion of the chroniclers could have been given, for not having understood the prevailing panorama before their eyes. This is confirmed by Don Salvador de Madariaga, in his book Life of the very magnificent Mr. Cristóbal Colón, describing that “… when Nature put gold in front of him in a new and unexpected way, Columbus did not recognize him and I let him continue to vanish in smoke before his own eyes without realizing his scent. ”

Such was the idolatry of the Taínos (more developed indocubane group) by COHIBA that, they came to create a rite to worship it, which according to Pedro Mártir de Angleria, chronicler of the Indies, was described as follows: “When the chiefs desire to consult the Cemí about the results of a war, or regarding the harvests’ or their health, they penetrate and absorb the COHIBA through the nose, which they called the plant that produces alienation of the soul. ” After missing “the passing madness, crestfallen and hands on the knees, stunned remain a short time in that position and finally lethargic raise their heads. What if they woke up from a heavy and deep sleep.

COHIBA powders prepared by crushing their leaves. in containers dedicated to such purposes and, finally, deposited in the dish placed on the head of the Cemí, to be absorbed as a vehicle capable of promoting communication with the divinity.

COHIBA even became a beautiful legend of Taino mythology, which is cited by Antonio Núñez Jiménez in his book The Journey of Havana. According to her, Ayamanaco threw Caracaracol on her back a mucus made of COHIBA, instead of the requested casserole or bread. Upon returning home, “his brothers looked at his back and saw that he had very swollen; that swelling grew so much that he was about to die so they tried to cut it and could not; but, taking a stone ax, he they opened and a live, female turtle came out, then they ediñcan a house and took the turtle to her “.

Dr. Fernando Ortiz, in his book Cuban Counterpoint of Tobacco and Sugar; establishes a parallel between this legend and the biblical texts, considering it a kind of myth of Eve born from the side of man. In this way, the symbol of eroticism and the genesis in the Indoantillana legend were given by the powders of COHIBA and not in the snake, which when penetrating the flesh of Caracol engendered another being, that is, the female or turtle.

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