Things to do in Holbox

What to do in Holbox   The best thing to do in Holbox is nothing at all! When you get hungry, take a stroll through the small town square, here you will find a delicious lobster pizza or a cup of coffee at Quimbaya, a romantic dinner on Viva Zapata terrace or a Mexican snack that just hits the spot. Holbos is not a bar plaza, so near eleven in the night, when the stars just wake up, the nigh people organize some parties or just meet in some place to dance and enjoy the excellent musical group of Holbos “Pie Desnudo” that plays all musical genres that lands with the warm tropical and joins all the visitors in a one huge, happy fiesta that you will never forget. Holbox is a paradise full of artists and handicrafts, visit Sandra Tomson shop and find exclusive handicrafts from a lot of exotic places or just find a special jewel made for you at Noa Walson place.