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21 December 2012, End of the World ?

Will the world really perish on 21 December 2012??? Many people are making fun of this allegation. In the year transition from 1999 to the magical year 2000 also nothing happened, when the Mayas predicted a crash of the computer systems, so why will something happen on the 21th of December? But what exactly did the Mayas say and why did they chose for this date? Will the world really perish on the 21th of December or is it just a new beginning?

Questions, questions, questions, a lot of questions… They keep millions of people around the world under control.

The first who came up with the ominous prediction that the world would end in 2012 were the Mayans. But not only the Mayas predicted this date there are a many theories that predict the same date. The Mayas are living in Central-America and are known for the complex mathematical and astronomical systems they invented hundreds of years ago. They built impressive cities, they were the best in astronomy at that time, they were able to measure time and they developed a complex hieroglyphic writing system.

mayan calendar
This community has a Maya calendar which started on August 11, 3114 BC, but this calendar also has an end. And the date of this world famous calendar will ends on the 21th of December, 2012. For the Mayas the year!

The Mayas found the date of the end of this cycle inscribed in two stones, carved over 13000 years ago. They found both stones in the state Tabasco, really close from each other. One has been found in Comalcalco and the other in in Toruguero. The message is short: at the end of the 13th B´ak´tun, which is the same date as 21/12/2012, a god will descend from heaven, named Lord of Light, and the cycle of 5,124 years will be completed.

So for everybody who believes in this calculation, do the things you always wanted to do! Go bungee jumping, visit you family, go traveling or do whatever you want! For people who are interested in making Mayan tours before the 21th of December, 2012 in Peninsula Yucatán visit our website

mayan calendar


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