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Good Business in Belize
Stepping up its economic diversification policies, Belize is a tax heaven with investors-friendly for non-residents. It offers and English-speaking environment in a democratic country with a viable, literate workforce, low operating costs, a stable economy, a tropical climate, spectacular natural attractions and lots of leisure activities.
The country’s close proximity to Mexico, and location of the northern east tip of Central America is used in the promotional line “60 seconds from NAFTA”. The Americas and the Caribbean can be easily serviced from Belize. And a fixed exchange rate for 25 years, flexible fiscal incentives, repatriation of profit dividends and high return on fixed deposit.
Known for its sugar and citrus exports, and more recently its tourism, Belize boasts a strong investment climate – with everything from agriculture to telecommunications. The choices are enough to entice anyone from the casual investor to the serious business person. The Belize telecommunications market opened for competition in January, 1003.
Belize offers the following programs to encourage and promote investments: International Business Company (IBC), Export Processing Zone (EPZ), the most recent, Commercial Free Zone (CFZ) and insurance and mutual founds.
Any non-resident of Belize is qualified to form an International Business Company (IBC) easily incorporated within an hour. IBCs offer asset protection and no exchange controls. The are tax exemptions and capital gains, income, interests, shares and debt obligations by non-residents. No minimum paid up capital is requires. Other benefits include no currency restrictions or citizenship/residency requirements for directors or shareholders. Plus, meetings by shareholders and directors may be held in any country.
Restrictions are few: IBCs can not conduct business with Belizeans or as a bank, or own real estate. The few feeling requirements include needing a certificate fo incorporation, memorandum, articled of association, and having a registered office and agent in Belize. The IBC Experts Registered Agents Department will help with incorporation for a fee.