Traveling Around Belize car boats rent

Traveling Around Belize
Rental Cars
Renting a car is only one of the most popular ways of to explore. Several good rental companies provide relatively new fleets. However, before you get behind the wheel, make sure your vehicle is in a good condition and adequately fuelled. Driving is relatively easy and most roads are in good condition. Both well paved highways and narrow dirt roads lead to towns and attractions.
Familiarize yourself with your map. Pin point the four mayor fully paves highways: the Northern Highway, Western Highway, Hummingbird Highway and Southern Highway. Perhaps the most scenic of all the roadways is the Hummingbird Highway weaving through the foothills of the majestic Maya Mountains between Belmopan and Dangriga. Two police department courtesy check-points are for routine safety checks. Drivers are required to verify insurance, shown as a sticker on rental car windows, and sometimes a diver’s license. Police may want to check the trunk of your car.
Many natural wonders and Maya sites are easily accessible by a car and 4×4 vehicles. However, rental companies require that you rent a four-wheel-drive vehicle if you are going off-road. Conventional cars are not to be driven off the paves highways. Some rental companies allow vehicles to be driven out of the country to visit the Tikal archeological site in Guatemala, and to Mexico as far north as Cancun. Written permission stating your willingness to accept full responsibility is required, and restrictions apply.
Intra-county air service is excellent and very safe. Local airlines such as Maya Island Air and Tropic Air fly convenient schedules to the cayes with reasonable fares. There are up to a dozen flights per day from the municipal airport and the views of the barrier reef and off-shore cayes are spectacular. Charter services are also available to meet private or special needs. Driving to the southern reaches of Belize is adventurous, but flying to distant places is certainly easier and leaves more time to enjoy the destination. And, sometimes it’s just as scenic as bird’s eye view.
Water taxis run regularly scheduled service from Belize City to Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker. Daily boats schedules between 8 and 17.30. Rides are fun, inexpensive and offer a close-up view of the cayes. The
Maritime Terminal and museum at the foot of the Swinging Bridge is the main arrival/departure point. Schedules are posted at the terminal. Service is also available from Caye Caulker through the Caye Caulker water taxi association to Ambergris Caye and back. As you board the taxi, make sure to locate safety equipment suck as life vests. Avoid cruising in inclement weather.

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