Valentine’s Day at the Riviera Maya

Valentine’s Day in the Riviera Maya   Enjoy a romantic getaway with your couple at the magnificent Riviera Maya. Stay at the luxurious resorts and have dinner at a wonderful restaurant in Playa del Carmen. The Glass Bar is a restaurant with a modern Indian style with a Mediterranean influence. Besides their exquisite kitchen, that always offers the best section of fresh and light products, the characteristic element of this place is the wine. They have over 200 labels in storage and their wine bar has a daily suggestion of 12 wines by the glass. This restaurant is located in the 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen. It has 2 outside terraces, and 3 inner rooms.   The Alux is the only restaurant in the world that offers and incredible visual impact; you become shocked just by looking at it. With its personalized service satisfying even tho most demanding customers, its food gathers ingredients of the highest quality, in wich fish, poultry, seafood and fine meat cuts can be highlighted, this pace has differet areas, with a VIP area, bar and a special event room. It all creates the romantic ambience you need for this day.   Rent a yacht to oversea with your love one, accompanied with a crew. Go fishing and then eat your recently fished meal at a white sand beach, looking at the turquoise ocean right in front of you. Buy a delicious wine at Winery in Playa del Carmen, there is such a wine diversity, the gastronomy so extended and so diverse the threshold pf individual perception; that in matters of pairing it would be to arrogant to recommend a specific wine with a particular dish. That is why in Winery & Plus they work every day to place in your table part of their feelings, thoughts and wishes.   Experience the incomparable home-style living of the exclusive THE FIVES Private Residence Club. Offering large and luxurious two and three bedroom serviced condos and villas with private pool areas, underground river and luscious tropical gardens. Located in Xcalacoco Beach, at only 4 km from Playa del Carmen. Each residence surrounds you in furnishings as comfortable as they are elegant; it’s a perfect place for a romantic getaway in the Riviera Maya.