Veracruz Temascal rafting rappel Posada Mexicana jalcomulco

Adventure tour, Exciting tours in Veracruz  rafting  Rappel  Canoppy river boat mountains vulcano and more
Go for rafting on Veracruz rivers Jalcomulco , rio pescados
Price from 220 dollars by passenger   3 days 2 nights
Raffting rappel  Mountaing walk  Temascal  and hosting on Posada Mexicana with pool Dinner and entertainment games
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Jalcomulco  situated in the middle of a verdant mountainous region lying along the River “Pescados” (fish).
Tourist  come for the white water rafting, kayaking, hiking, biking, and climbing sports.
Jalcomulco has many outfitters shops with safe, well cared for equipment and trained guides for tours
If you doesnt want a day on the river, found  abundant ways to spend your time.
Many restaurants are on  both sides of the river and are connected by either a swinging foot bridge or a car bridge.
Enjoy the  experience of sit and watch the rafts go by while enjoying a shrimp cocktail and an ice cold drink or Margarita with Tequila..
You can hike along a shady trail winding though the huge mango trees of an ancient grove to either the dripping water or the “poza azul” (blue well) where you may take a refreshing dip in the natural cool pools.  Enjoy this jungle enviroment in Veracruz