Warning for Novel H1N1 Flu in Mexico Removed

Warning for Novel H1N1 Flu in Mexico Removed
May 2009 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Current Situation
— CDC Recommendations
— Swine flu a big lie !
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To all our clients: CDC has been monitoring the ongoing outbreak of novel H1N1 flu in Mexico and, with the assistance of the Mexican authorities, has obtained a more complete picture of the outbreak. There is evidence that the Mexican outbreak is slowing down in many cities though not all. In addition, the United States and other countries are now seeing increasing numbers of cases not associated with travel to Mexico. Finally, the risk of severe disease from novel H1N1 virus infection now appears to be less than originally thought.

CDC Recommendations ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

At this time, CDC has removed its recommendation that U.S. travelers avoid travel to Mexico. CDC continues to recommend that travelers visiting Mexico take steps to protect themselves from getting novel H1N1 flu.
Swine flu a big lie ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

is swine flu a big lie just to get compulsory vaccination and make the drug companies a lot of money…

is swine flu really swine flu…3000 american die from the normal flu every month…flu changes as a virus all the time…so a new flu is some thing that is always happening…one possibility maybe that this new strain of flu has been given the name of swine flu and is questionable as to wether it is linked to pigs but could be linked to birds…they then scare the hell out of everyone and then make a law saying everyone has to be vaccinated with a vaccine that any doctor that knows about viruses knows that there is no vaccine or anti viral that can work if this is a new strain..

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I just wanted to let you know that all is just fine in PLAYA DEL CARMEN AND CANCUN and to pass this information to everyone you know. We look forward to you, your family and clients coming to enjoy all the beauty and fun RIVIERA MAYA has to offer. Cheers,

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