Watch the toucan at the Mexican Caribbean.

The Toucan   Undoubtedly, the keel-billed toucan is among the most popular and recognizable bird in the tropics. Its famous lime-colored beak and calypso-colored body is featured on billboards, T-shirts, book covers and souvenirs across the land. Few creatures have their distinctive-looking as the toucan; its remarkable profile is unmistakable and therein lies the secret of its success as a mascot and symbol.   The keel-billed toucan is one of the 37 species that belong to the Ramphastidae family, all of which are native to Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela. It is surprisingly large, and the bird most outrageous feature is its beak, which is lime green with red, blue, black, orange and yellow highlights. It can be larger that the body, its something scientists argue about, some say it is used for defense purpose; other claim it is used to attract mates. Food gathering seems its principal function, however. The long beak allows the bird to reach fruit from trees and also comes handy for trapping insects, lizards and snakes, as well for snatching nestlings of other species; something it has been observed. You can see many Toucans in Cancun and Playa del Carmen; and also along the Riviera Maya.