Whale Shark in the Riviera Maya

Dive with the whale shark at the Riviera Maya
To think of a fish that can be 18 meters long sounds a little prehistorical, even more when we are told that it is herbivorous and it lives in these days distributed among the warm waters of the world. It’s fascinating to think that the same water where swimmers enjoy summer, this gigantic animal lives.
This creature is really a fish but people include the name whale because his enormous size.
Whale sharks are essential animals in the ocean. According to experts, to catch these animals could produce terrible disasters in the ocean’s balance. This is why every place this creature visits, ecotourism program that protect it and inform to the people about the characteristics and situation that this huge animal is facing are developed.
Whale shark turn out to be great tourist attraction that let divers get close enough to touch them, and is an awesome unique experience the takes them even to cross the word only to touch their rough skin.
The local community of Holbox Island developed conduct codes that let you enjoy this fascinating experience at the same time you preserve this natural wonder.