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South-East of Mexico, there is an incredible place for the divers and snorkelers ….
Caribbean waters , jungle, and underground rivers called Cenotes, accessible to all.
We made our speciality out of it, and we welcome you on board our dream….
What is a Cenote?
The Yucatan Peninsula is located on a limestone platform which was created millions of years ago. Throughout various glacial periods, the ocean level has varied, and this platform found itself submerged by water.                                
When the level of the ocean drops again, the caves begin forming. The heavy rain falling on these formations dissolves through the rock the carbonic acid from the soil and leaves in putrefaction. This carbonic acid mix carved the fragile rock, creating underground passages in which water would find its way back to the ocean. In this process stalagtites and stalagmites  were also formed.
During the last glacial period, the oceans were 100 feet below their actual level. Around 18,000 years ago, the ice started melting and the ocean rose to the level we know now, flooding the passages and generating a wide underground river system like nowhere else on earth.
For the mysterious Mayan civilization, who lived here between 300 and 900 AD, the Cenotes (D’zonot = Sacred Well), not only were a fresh water source, but had also an important role in its mythology: they were windows to the “After World” and a key to their afterlife. Ceremonies and rituals were made to the “Underworld Gods”. In some caverns you can still find artifacts.
Now these spaces a the entrre the property of associations charging entrance fees (included in our prices)
Why dive in Cenotes ?
Along the ride, wether you go snorkeling or diving, you will be surprised as you cruise from ligth to obscurity, catch the light effects dropping through the jungle right onto a fossile, feel the light rays exposing mysteries, slalom stalagtites and stalagmites, trace roots sneaking out of earth like from the Mayan sacred underworld…               
The water visibility is infinite and will give you the feeling you are flying in another galaxy, when suddenly, you reach the Halocline, where salt water mixes with fresh, appearing like an incredible fantastic cloud… magic.
There is only one place in the world you can dive or snorkel cave systems without any higher certification than Open Water. Yucatan’s Cenotes are world famous. It is worth it…
The Cenote dives are typically shallow dives (15-30 ft/5-10 m), and open to anyone with an entry level diving experience. The fresh water is extremely quiet, welcoming you to a world of silence and rest. It is an easier diving opportunity for all the people who might be scared of the sometimes adverse conditions of the ocean. 
The paths you will be using will always be wide enough to have two people swim side by side, always  within 120 ft/40 m from a direct access to air and daylight, and your groups wil be a maximum 4 divers per guide.                                           
Unlike the ocean, you can always dive Cenotes with bad weather – It is a dive available all year long!


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