What to do in Cancun: Art exhibition Kukulcan shopping mall

Exhibition of Art in place Kukulcan Cancun in which they will participate more than 30 Plastic Artists (Painters and Sculptors) of diverse techniques. In this exhibition without precedent, they will be being been exhibiting more than 150 works by a period of 4 months (November of the 2008 to February of the 2009), which will represent a part waters for the art and the culture in our city and for the people who visit to us.
Due to the number of works to exhibit, to the Artists of diverse States of the Republic and Nationalities, and by the time that the exhibition will last, our objective is to project another image of this beautiful destiny to the tourists who visit to us and to promote Cultural Spaces where they are possible to be observed the mixture of styles and expressions that are arising in our city. I am certain that it will be to the liking for knows that it, since it would know the results the cultural birth of Cancún. It is important to indicate that the idea of this event was born because few spaces exist very so that the artists can exhibit their works and demonstrate their art.
The event is organized by the Gallery “Corner of the Art”, with the support of Place Kukulcán and the Municipal DIF. Kukulcán place will grant the commercial premises by a period of 4 months to mount a GALLERY OF ART with works of artists been in Cancún. The Municipal Dif will contribute to all the publicity necessary with the press and TV to present it. Exhibition of Collective Art with more than 30 of Sculptors and Painters of diverse states of the Mexican Republic and Nationalities
At Kukulcan Shopping Mall luxury Avenue Cancun Beach Hotel Zone