Xcambo, Yucatan

Xcambo   This beautiful place, located in the Yucatan State, translated from Yucatecan Mayan to English, means the place of the crabs or crocodiles. This is a rather large site that has been somewhat restored. Six kilometers from Telchac Puerto and two kilometers from the coast, just off the Progreso-Dzilam de Bravo road, Xcambio is a curious combination of Mayan ruins, a Catholic chapel ans a small, freshwater spring. The oldest evidence of occupancy is fron 150 BC to 300 AD. According to archeological theories, Xcambo was an important city and a provider of salt to the Mayan cities of Izamal, Oxkintok and Ah Kim Pech.   They also produced extensive handcrafts and exchanged goods with the Mayan cities in Campeche, Tabasco, Guatemala and Belize. This is marked similarity between the buildings in Xcambo and those inland in Izamal, making archeologist believe that Izamal Mayans used this site as a port. In the area there are no cenotes but about 10 natural springs. On May 30 the locals honor the Virgin Mary. Some say she appears in the church near the largest pyramid.

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