Yhi Spa by Me, Cancun

Yhi Spa at Me by Melia Cancun   The legend has it that at one time the world was in total darkness but when the Great Spirit woke a young girl, Yhi, who was sleeping deep in a cavern, the light from her eyes illuminated the world and then wherever she walked, that light caused flowers and beautiful foliage to grow and waters to be created. It is that concept of giving life that serves as the guiding spirit of the Yhi Spa at the Me by Melia Hotel in Cancun hotel Zone. It is a place where everything is focused on reviving, restoring energy and life to the body and the spirit. From the beautiful contours of the Spa, including the outdoor section right on the beach, to the soothing background music, the tantalizing aromas floating through the air and the professional service of the highly trained personnel contributes to that end.   A basic ingredient that has contributed to the world-renowned reputation of the Yhi Spas that are located throughout the world is the use of the most prestigious products in the various treatments offered. And the treatments are all designed to restore and invigorate mind, body and spirit. Facials, body treatments, massages, wraps, exfoliations, in short, all that you would expect to find in a world-class spa can be found in the Yhi Spa at the Me bye Melia, Cancun’s newest happening hotel.

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